M6 Titanium Crank Arm Pinch Bolts Tapered Socket Cap

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Titanium Crank Arm Clamp Bolts, to pinch the arm around the crank.

The conical head of this design offers streamlined good looks, the base of the head is a standard socket cap manufactured to DIN 912 standards but tapers toward the Allen key drive saving even more weight whilst looking smooth and sleek in the process.

Grade 5 Titanium provides an incredible strength to weight ratio - 45% lighter than its steel counterparts! Lightweight, tough and durable, Titanium also has excellent corrosion resistance. By forming an oxide film on the surface upon exposure, preventing rust and other surface deterioration making it the perfect upgrade.

Available in 5 colour options to customise, lighten and brighten your bike.

Length Weight
15mm 2.68g
20mm 3.2g
25mm 3.5g
30mm 4.24g

Titanium Grade 5
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Head Style:
Tapered Socket Cap
Thread Diameter:
Thread Pitch:
Head Diameter:
Head Height:
Allen Key Size:
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